Order Confirmation

It is the clients responsibly to understand what they are ordering. Plenty of pictures and references have been exchanged with a read back of all the details. All orders require a half non-refundable deposit and the other half is required upon time of pick up/delivery, or else the pick up/delivery time and day will need to be changed. At this time we do no ship any furniture items or barn doors. If you'd like to inquire about sign shipping please feel free to email us at knabewoodwork@gmail.com.

Changes to Orders

Barn Doors: Changes in barn door orders will be charged a extra $75-$150 (depending on change), if changes are made AFTER the barn door hardware is installed. 

Furniture: Any changes made to any furniture items 7 days post half deposit will be charged a extra 20%. 

Signs: Any changes made in signs after the order is confirmed will be treated as a new item and you will be responsible for payment of both signs. 

10 Day Return/Exchange

If you need to return or exchange an item, it must be done so within 10 days. A 20% restocking fee will be applied. 

Returned Checks

Any check returned due to non-sufficient funds will be subject to a minimum charge of $150.00.

Approval of Custom Pieces

Knabe Woodwork makes every effort to make sure that your custom piece is how you expect it. All custom items will require your approval. Once the item has been approved and received, no returns will be allowed.

Door Finishes and Wood Texture

Knabe Woodwork specializes in rustic and farmhouse style barn doors, tables, and signs. All of our products are made from Knotty Pine wood, unless otherwise specified. Knotty Pine is known to have knots in the wood. If you would like smooth paint grade look, please let Knabe Woodwork know. 

Limited 60-Day Warranty

All products come with a limited 60-day warranty that covers the functionality of the hardware. This warranty does not cover finishes, cosmetic discoloration, damage, damage to door trim by improper use, or normal wear. We will replace any part of the hardware that fails to function properly with the return of the failed product.

If it is after 60 days you will be charged a consult fee, and we can not guarantee that we will be able to repair or fix the problem. 

All doors, headers and tables that are finished and/or assembled by Knabe Woodwork come with a 10-day warranty against warping. Warping is defined as doors that are out of alignment of more than 1". 

We do not provide new products for warped items after the 10 days.

Unfinished doors, headers, and tables, as well as finished or unfinished outdoor furniture do not have a warranty against warping because of changes in climate that can allow the door to absorb moisture during transit. Incorrect finishing of a door can also cause warping which is why we highly encourage our customers to allow us to finish and ship their door finished.